The Great Vegan Experiment

Things have been really crazy for me lately.  Work has basically taken over my life to the point that by the time Friday rolls around, I am a complete zombie, basically useless to family and friends.

First – I don’t hate my job, I just have way too much to do.

It isn’t like I don’t try to let it go, but after spending the day frantically snowshoeing in rotten snow to get layout* done for a machine that is harvesting on the block I am working in, I arrive back into cell service to get 3 text messages from my boss if I got something done in 2 different places 2 hours from where I am, 5 messages from various landowners and contractors needing me where they are, and a message or two from the office wondering where some paperwork is that I was supposed to get in.

*layout is basically using flagging tape to communicate the harvest plan to the guys cutting the wood.  I talk with them, make them maps, and the maps match what I have layed out in the woods.

This all has me considering getting a pilot’s license and a plane to get around the state (except I really HATE to fly).  

I have traded trying to fit training in around my 5am-6-7pm work day for eating and sleeping. 

And quite frankly, the thought of anything regimented on the weekend after the weeks I have been having sounds just horrible to me at this point. 

I am lucky – I have an active job that lets me work outside and see all kinds of wildlife.

maine, forestry, dog, bernese mountain dog, wildlife

Peeking around the tree

I can take my friend Porter to work with me.

maine, forestry, dog, bernese mountain dog

Porter on the job

But still, I miss training. 

I miss the long runs and rides and swims that seem to set my head straight. 

But that just isn’t happening.  Not with this schedule, this level of burn-out that I am feeling. 

And to top it off, my diet was becoming way cheese and meat focused.  Mostly cheese.  Because that is fast and easy and you can pound that stuff down on the go.

This lack of control over my time, the stress, the lack of training, had (ok has) me feeling very much like I was spiraling into hell.  

I thought about what I could control. 

I decided to do a little mix-up to my diet. 

For the past 2 weeks, I have eaten vegan, and keeping up with the no sugar, no grains (NSNG).

Ok wait, I did have cheese the other night in a veggie quesadilla.  But except for that, I have eaten vegan and NSNG.

The funny thing is, eating NSNG actually made me eat way more veggie-focused, I ate many of my meals vegetarian or even vegan unintentionally.  This is kind of just another step. 

What got me was that immediately, just like after I posted on Facebook about Ironman training, after posting about eating vegan for 2 weeks, I immediately got some negative responses, people concerned for my health -  as if I am some bumbling idiot wandering off the edge of a cliff.  

People brag about tons of unhealthy crap that they do, and I get crap for eating plant-based for 2 weeks? Really?


Anyway, I was lucky enough to find the Oh She Glows blog (thanks to my friend Tam).   It didn’t take me too long looking around the blog to realize I could make this work for me even better than I thought.

Also, my Vitamix has completely been getting a workout since I have been eating this way.

So what do I eat?  LOTS!

But here is an example from a day last week:


Green smoothie.  I like this one as a basic smoothie, but I have mixed it up quite a lot based on what I have.  The basics for me are the almond butter, spinach, chia, and almond milk.  The rest I add what I feel like or have.  I made a yummy blueberry ginger one the other day. 


After 2 days of this, I just didn’t want coffee anymore.   I am drinking caffine-free tea or green tea in the mornings now.

This is kind of a big deal.


Veggies (pre-cut on Sunday) and humus (sometimes homemade)



Homemade NSNG crackers & Almond Tuna Salad - this makes enough for 3 lunches and is freaking incredible. 


Sloppy Lentils over Sweet Potato - I made the lentils on Sunday (see below), took them out in the morning so they would defrost, and microwaved the sweet potato, then heated up the lentils.  Pour heated lentils over the sweet potato.  I sprinkled some Nutritional Yeast on it.  It was freaking awesome.

The best thing I did I learned from Elisa - I make a large soup or chili on the weekend and freeze them in ball jars (covers off, once frozen, I put the covers on).  This way when I get home late during the week, I just pick out what I want, throw it in the microwave and chow down. 

It is pretty sweet.  I now have quite a few different options too.

The thing is – I feel great.   Better than I did before this experiment, so I am extending it indefinitely.

I have tons of energy.  Yes work still mentally drains me.  But like I said, I feel better than I did before this I started eating vegan - and while I am not training, I AM very active at work, walking on snowshoes all day, walking trails all day.  I put on a lot of miles, just not on the pavement and my energy for that sort of thing is better than it has been in a while. 

I feel so great I just don’t want to go back.  For now anyway, I am sticking with the vegan focused eating,  moving back and forth between vegetarian and vegan as situations arise.

Thanks for reading!


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Mosquito Mountain Winter Hike

I am so lucky to have a friend like Beth…

Maine, Dogs, Tailspin, walk, Caratunk

Just another day at the Caratunk Country Club

She is a dog lover like me, and is one of the few friends I have that would not even bat an eyelash when I asked her about breaking trail up to Mosquito Mountain. 

I even told her it was probably going to be kinda hard.  She said, “That’s OK! It will be awesome!”

Anyway, the whole way driving to the trailhead we talked about what a nice day it was yesterday and that SOMEBODY MUST have snowshoed up already.  I mean, really, who wouldn’t have done it yesterday? 

We had ourselves pretty much convinced that we wouldn’t have to break trail because some nice, adventurous person already did it for us. 

AAANNNDDD…we got to the trailhead and there was no sign of anyone else.

Maine, hike, winter, mosquito mountain, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Nice, clean, unbroken trail

We strapped on our snowshoes and laughed. Ah well. How bad could it be anyway?

Maine, hike, winter, mosquito mountain, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Trail markers on way to top of Mosquito Mountain

It wasn’t too bad actually, except for the crust on top that wouldn’t quite hold you up, but was happy to hold you for a second, then crumble beneath you, and then somehow manage to grab your shoe and make you fall on your head.

I was pretty entertaining. 

Porter entertained himself by chasing squirrels through the trees…

Maine, Mosquito Mountain, winter, hike, winter hike, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Porter hunting squirrels

We finally got to the place we call “The Rock” – we are not all that creative.  It is, well, a rock.

But it isn’t like any old rock, it is a giant rock that you can climb on and is somewhere around halfway up the trail. 

Maine, hike, winter, mosquito mountain, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Looking at Beth from The Rock


Maine, hike, winter, mosquito mountain, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Porter and Blythe hanging out on The Rock

The snow underneath the thin crust was kind of like dust.  All powdery and crumbly, you just couldn’t get a grip on it, and so it made climbing fairly challenging.  But we kept at it and eventually made it to the first overlook.

Maine, hike, winter, mosquito mountain, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Making our way to the flag that marks the overlook

Maine, hike, winter, mosquito mountain, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Porter chillin at the overlook

Maine, hike, winter, mosquito mountain, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Looking toward Moosehead Lake and Kineo

It was beautiful up there, it isn’t often you can stand on top of a mountain in Maine in February for more than 30 seconds without wanting to get moving again.  But we were able to hang around and take pictures for almost 10 minutes before we started getting cold. 

I asked Beth if she was up for heading to the summit (this means breaking trail another 1/2 mile), and she was all for it.  Sweet!

Maine, Mosquito Mountain, winter, hike, winter hike, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

The trail was a little steep in places

We made it up there and the wind had really picked up.  You can tell that is the side of the mountain that gets the most wind (the west side of course) because there was very little snow and a lot of ice. 

But it was gorgeous…

Maine, Mosquito Mountain, winter, hike, winter hike, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Sugarloaf and Bigelow Mountains from the summit

Maine, Mosquito Mountain, winter, hike, winter hike, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

View from the top

Maine, Mosquito Mountain, winter, hike, winter hike, caratunk, the forks, moxie, moxie pond

Porter hanging out on the top

This time we got cold much faster, so we snapped some photos and heading down the mountain. 

It is so much fun going down a mountain in the winter, you basically slide until you get to areas that are not steep enough and then you just have to walk.  Which is decidedly less fun than sliding.

We eventually made our way back to the truck, laughing at how much fun it was to slide down, and feeling really great about our day.

Thanks for reading!



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What HAVE I Been Up To?

So hey there!

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in a while.  I have been busy with work and life and really haven’t had a lot of time.

There have been some challenges in me trying to get a race schedule lined up.  The latest is I planned a pretty major race for the end of May but I just got some awesome family news that happens to fall on the race date – I am excited that I will be celebrating with the family instead.

But that means that race is out the window…and I am hesitant to sign up for anything else.  Because of this, I haven’t been specifically training, I find I need to have a specific goal to push me to do regimented training.

It isn’t like I am falling apart.  I mean, my job requires me to be on my feet all day walking in the woods in deep snow, and travel gorgeous woods roads like this:

Maine, Holeb Road, forestry

My commute

On the weekends I run around in the woods with this guy:

Maine, snowshoe, caratunk, dog, bernese mountain dog

Actually I am lucky enough to take him to work with me most days, but on the weekends we play instead of work.  I get to go where I want to go.  That makes it way more fun.

People often ask me why do I spend so much time outside on the weekends, since I am outside all week at work.  That is a fair question.

I guess I just can’t help it, I am an outside kid.

Appalachian Trail, AT, hike, snowshoe, winter hike

Me on the Appalachian Trail

This weekend Porter and I broke the trail up to Pleasant Pond Mountain – a hike I do often in the summer and fall.  This time it was a real workout because there was snow up to my knees the whole way.  Porter let me break trail for him.  It is steep in places but it is gorgeous!

Appalachian Trail, AT, Pleasant Pond, Pleasant Pond Mountain

It’s only 1.1 miles, how hard can it be?

Appalachian Trail, AT, Pleasant Pond, Pleasant Pond Mountain

The trail to the top

Appalachian Trail, AT, Pleasant Pond, Pleasant Pond Mountain, BMD, Bernese Mountain Dog

Porter resting from breaking trail

Appalachian Trail, AT, Pleasant Pond, Pleasant Pond Mountain

Porter and I at the top

So that is what I have been up to.

I am super thankful to have some amazing sponsors this year, and my next post will be all about them!

Thanks for reading!


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Embracing The ‘Mill

Hey there!  It has been a while, huh?

Life and work kind of have gotten in the way of my training and blogging.  Hopefully I can get going again on both now.

The big news around my house is that John and I bought a TREADMILL! 

I know, I know…long time friends and readers of this blog know my history with the treadmill.   I think I have made my disdain (um fear?) for (me) using them pretty clear over the years.

So yeah…about that. 

For the past week I have been looking at this when I start my truck in the morning:

Maine, Cold

Yes, this is ridiculous…

And it pretty much stays that way all day (OK it warms up to -19)

Here is the thing.  I am a FIRM believer that you can always dress for any condition.

In my case, I literally work out in those conditions.  I am freezing my butt off all day, then I get home, finally get warm and out of my winter gear…the last thing I really want to do is dress up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (woman) and head back out into the frigid darkness to waddle around Caratunk.

So what I am saying, is that I lose my ambition when I get home – often times I am leaving at 5am and don’t get home until 6pm…so my options for training are pretty danged limited as it is. 

Throw in -20 and dark and I am snuggling on the couch with this guy:

Porter, couch, dog

OK, so I sit on the floor

Anyway…we have had the treadmill for 2 days. 

I. Freaking. LOVE IT. 

I mean, I like it a lot.

Honestly – I would rather run outside if I can, but this is an excellent option that I have never had before.  And with my new work schedule being crazy like it is, this is going to be awesome.  

I haven’t even fallen off of it yet!  That is pretty big news, but stay posted, it could happen at any time.

My training is going to be very run focused this year – I plan on some big touring type of bike rides and a few big swims, a tri or two - but my primary place is going to be running the trails around here as much as possible and doing some trail races.

I am pretty excited about 2014, it is the first time in a long time I do not have training for an Ironman as my main focus.  I feel like I am being honest about what I really want to do, and I look forward to exploring a whole  new aspect of one of my favorite things to do – run!

Thanks for reading!


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Sooo…Now What?

That’s a great question.

I was pretty sure that 2014 was going to be another Ironman year for me…but I see what my work schedule is going to be like for the next 10 months and…well I do not see it happening.

Some people who don’t know what a forester does think I skip around the woods all day with my dog talking to birds and deer like Snow White, but it isn’t like that at all. 

I am not complaining – it is just how it is.

At first, I was really bummed…I wanted to come back blazing and ready to hit it hard.  I was ready to take on a coach and build early and work on my bike and really have an amazing Ironman year…But…

Then I started having to leave my house at 4:30am for work.  I wasn’t getting home until 7pm.  The only thing I was hitting hard was my pillow at the end of the day. 

I mean I GUESS if I really wanted it, I would get up at like 2:45am, get an hour in before work…or I could get home at 7pm and get an hour in and eat and talk to John and pat Porter on the head as I fall asleep. 

It is times like these that motivational quotes really piss me off.   

When I see someone post a quote like “Someone busier than you is running right now” or “If you want it you will find a way, if you don’t, you will find an excuse,” I want to throw my laptop/iPad/iPhone across the room and scream.

Anyway, moving on…What can I do that make sense and can fit into my schedule?

I feel that my on my feet fitness is pretty good, I am always walking in the woods for my job, walking my dog after work, hiking in my spare time. 

Trail running. 

It is almost a no-brainer for me.

This will let me spend more time with this guy:

Maine, hike, Moxie Bald Mountain, Appalachian Trail, AT, Bernese Mountain Dog

Porter doing his Mountain Dog thing

AND…I can spend more time running trails that take me to places with views like these, places that really fills me with happiness and wholeness and makes me smile:

Maine, hike, Moxie Bald Mountain, Appalachian Trail, AT, Bernese Mountain Dog

Mosquito Mountain from Moxie Bald Mountain

Maine, hike, Moxie Bald Mountain, Appalachian Trail, AT, Bernese Mountain Dog

Bald Mountain Pond from Moxie Bald Mountain

So while I don’t have a schedule planned or any races picked out, I feel pretty good about the upcoming season of racing.  It actually feels pretty good to be looking at something completely new and different. 

Thanks for reading!

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Moxie Mountain Hike

Hey there!  Well, it has been a while, I know.  Work and life have been incredibly busy, and really, I find I hardly have time to eat and then sleep when I get home at night, much less do anything else I want to do.

So today was really a treat.   First I got to hang out with my buddy Beth, and second, I got to hike one of my favorite places - Moxie Mountain.

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike, Caratunk, Moscow,

Moxie Mountain

Most people familiar with this area immediately ask, “You mean Moxie Bald Mountain on the Appalachian Trail?”

No. I don’t. 

One of my reports on the Moxie Bald hike is HERE if you are interested. 

Moxie Mountain is a little off the beaten path, a little more rugged, and a lot less traveled. 

If you are trying to get to Moxie Mountain, THIS website has great directions, even if the author mistakenly calls it Moxie Bald instead of Moxie.   Another GREAT source for  this hike (and a lot of hiking trails in this area)  is North Woods Walks by Christopher Keene.  

Anyway, there are 2 trailheads, my friend Beth and I took the Carney Brook Road approach (my favorite), there is another approach near the Heald Ponds. 

The trailhead is simply marked with flagging – if you don’t know what you are looking for, you could probably miss it.

Moxie Mountain, Maine, Hike, Trailhead

The “Trailhead” to Moxie Mountain

It was a cold clear day, there was hoar frost that made the ground crunch under our feet. 

Moxie Mountain, hike, Maine, hoar frost

Note Porter’s toes on the left.

The trail is well flagged and worn, and climbs pretty consistently for about a mile until you get to some weird open crumbly rock areas. 

I found this to be a great place to screw off.

Moxie Mountain, Maine, Hike

My Cliffhanger impression

The dogs had a great time running around on in the open areas.

Moxie Mountain, Maine, Hike, dog, Bernese Mountain Dog

Porter and Austin waiting for us to catch up

But the views…were pretty awesome.


After this, we made our way the .2-.4 miles to the summit, making our way through a few steep areas.

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

Beth making her way up one of the steeper climbs

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

You get to climb around this one

The summit is slightly overgrown, but still a pretty neat area with some good views to the east.

Moxie Mountain, hike, Maine

Big Moose and Big Spencer Mountains

Moxie Mountain, hike, Maine

Mount Kineo and the Moosehead Lake Region

There is a helipad, a building, and some solar panels on the top.  Beth, the dogs and I all had a snack and took in the views.

Moxie Mountain, hike, Maine

Porter hanging out on the helipad

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

Porter and I took this foot selfie at the summit marker

On the way down we went off trail and checked out the cliffs we walked by on the way up.  Honestly, this was the best part of the entire hike.

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

Open cliff area (off trail)

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

Porter hanging out on the cliff

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

Area that looked like a moonscape

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

Austin running around the open rock area

Moxie Mountain, Maine, hike

Porter taking a break

We spent a good hour running around and checking out the cliff areas.  Eventually, we had to make our way back to the trail and then down to our trucks.  It was a great, much needed day.

Thanks for reading! 

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Like a Light Switch

This morning marked my first day back to scheduled training.

I set my alarm for 3:30 am, set out my running clothes (and reflective gear, since it is dark dark dark in Caratunk at 3:30 am), and even powered up my Garmin.

To be honest, when I went to bed, I wasn’t sure if I would actually get my butt out of bed or not. 

But I knew work was going to be a long day and that this was the only way for me to fit this workout in.  I didn’t want to start back up with a missed workout.

So I got up.  It was raining.     

Thinking of different ways to procrastinate, I snuggled with Porter, braided my hair, checked Facebook.

Finally, after about 15 minutes of screwing around, I decided to just go - I pulled on my running stuff and stepped outside.

I flicked on my headlamp and started running.  From that first beam of light hitting the pavement, from that very first step – it was like seeing an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. 

We (running and me) fell right into step, just like old times. 

People have asked me why I train…I can’t really put it into words very well…except to say training makes me feel strong, and clear, and capable, and at 3:45 AM in the misty cold rain – it makes me feel a little bad ass.

Running on what I call the Caratunk Treadmill – I smiled as I passed all the dark houses with people still sleeping, wondered if the streetlights on the south side of town were ever going to work, and shivered as I heard the familiar howl of coyotes.

Dripping as I came through the door, I had a huge goofy smile on my face. 

The clock read 4:45 am.  

Not a bad start to the day, especially considering that most of the US was still in bed.

I had to be out the door by 5am, so I had just enough time to jump in the…

OK I didn’t shower.   Sorry.

But I toweled off and put on deodorant.  That is kind of like a shower.

Thanks for reading!

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Squeezing It In…

I love flannel shirts, color changes, and crisp fall days. 

Something in me just sings, yearns to get on top of a mountain this time of year. 

So I go – usually with Porter as my lone hiking partner – which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Mosquito Mountain, Maine, Moxie, Moxie Pond, hike, dog, bernese, bernese mountain dog

Porter & I pondering the view from atop Mosquito Mountain

This weekend Porter and I hit the trails again.  On Saturday, we hiked Mosquito Mountain. 

Mosquito Mountain, Maine, Moxie, Moxie Pond, hike, dog, bernese, bernese mountain dog

Porter getting a drink on Mosquito Mountain

 The next day, we given up all hopes of a hike.  We woke up to a downpour. 

But things cleared out by noon, so I decided there was plenty of time to run up Pleasant Pond Mountain.

The trail was a little wet from all of the rain…

Pleasant Pond Mountain, Maine, Moxie, Moxie Pond, hike, dog, bernese, bernese mountain dog

That stream Porter is standing in is the trail…

The top was a little breezy and cool, and my feet were wet from the hike up. 

We hung around up there anyway.

Pleasant Pond Mountain, Maine, Moxie, Moxie Pond, hike, dog, bernese, bernese mountain dog

Porter at the summit of Pleasant Pond Mountain

The views and the clearing clouds were unbelievable.  The distant mountains were disappearing and appearing behind the moving clouds.

Pleasant Pond Mountain, Maine, Moxie, Moxie Pond, hike, dog, bernese, bernese mountain dog

Mosquito Mountain and points north from Pleasant Pond Mountain

Pleasant Pond Mountain, Maine, Moxie, Moxie Pond, hike, dog, bernese, bernese mountain dog

View to the west from the top of Pleasant Pond Mountain

The air was damp and cold, the wind crisp and hard. 

I could see another storm coming in, so we started down the mountain, making it back to the truck as the sky opened up, feeling triumphant about sneaking that quick hike in.

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Eagle Rock Hike

So my weekend update is a little late (dang work, gets in the way of all the fun stuff I want to do.)

So yeah…what did I do…Saturday I went to an awesome wedding (congratulations Laura & Charlie!) and I danced so much I think I gave myself whiplash.  Seriously, I was more sore the day after that wedding than I was after either of the two Ironman I did.

Maybe I dance a little like Elaine from Seinfeld.

Anyway, I had agreed with my friends that I would DEFINITELY go rafting the next day. 

Yeah…SO I got up on Sunday and it was clear and crisp…and ALL I could think about was hiking. 

So I bagged the river trip with friends in favor of hiking up to my favorite spot with Porter (I am not sure what this says about me…)

Anyway, half of the excitement is getting there, and there were lots of options on ways to go.  I decided to check out the condition of the VIP Road – one of the 3 or so dirt roads that connect The Forks area to the Greenville area. 

Road report: The VIP Road sucks, but it is totally possible with 4WD vehicle with good clearance.

IF you are looking for easy directions NOT requiring a 4WD (still on a dirt road though) click HERE.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty good about the time I saw this:

Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike

View of “The Eagle” from the VIP road

Those rocks on the top?  THAT is Eagle Rock – it is said the two rocks resemble the wings of an eagle. 

…I guess so. 

Anyway, Eagle Rock is a large, bald outcropping atop Big Moose Mountain (2,350 ft), at the northwest end of the ridgeline.  The hike is 3 miles round trip.

If you are scared of  heights, you might not find this hike all that enjoyable – but the views from the top are spectacular!

Porter and I arrived at the trailhead and made our way to the top, passing a very nice couple along the way. 

I mention this because I worked to get ahead of them – the top is pretty small, and while sharing is a good thing, I wanted some alone time at the top. 

Porter and I made double time.

Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike

Hurry Mom!

The trail switchbacks and gets steep in places, there is a wooden ladder in once spot to help you up over some steep ledge, but Porter just jumped up onto the ledge like it was nothing.

He is a mountain dog after all.

FINALLY…we got to the top – I could see the rocks through the trees, and Porter ran ahead up the rock (giving me a heart attack because it is a SERIOUS drop-off).

Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike

Porter trying to scare me

Then we were there….Ahhhh….

Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike

Big and Little Spencer Mountains, Moosehead Lake, 1st Roach Pond & pretty clouds

For some reason, I only took pictures northeast – but this view is almost 360 degrees.  There are a lot more pictures in my last hike report  of this rock (HERE).

Porter and I kicked back, had a snack, and enjoyed having the unbelievable the view from the top all to ourselves for about 30 minutes. 

IMG_3545Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike

I like that my feet and his head are in this picture

Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike, Katahdin, Baxter State Park

Looking at Katahdin and the mountains of Baxter State Park

Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike

Mount Kineo, Rockwood, Moosehead Lake, & beyond

I could hear the couple coming up the trail, so Porter and I started packing up so they could have the top to themselves for a while.  We chatted for a while, and then walked down the rock and around to the place between the two rocks.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, it is much much bigger than it looks.

Eagle Rock, Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain, Big Moose, Greenville, Rockwood, Maine, Hike

Between the two “Eagle Wings”

And then we made our way down the trail.  On the way down we ran into a family hiking up the trail, they had never been up there and seemed really excited – I promised them they wouldn’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading!

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Feeling Snarky

I was so excited that I was picked to be featured amongst the amazing women featured in the Maine Women’s Magazine…

caratunkgirl, caratunk girl

I didn’t really even tell anyone about doing the interview – which is really weird for me because I am a complete blabbermouth.  But I wanted it to be a surprise to my family and friends.

Anyway, when the story came out I didn’t know about it. 

It is kind of funny, a friend of mine mentioned he read it and said it was a nice article.   I was hoping to get a copy sent to me, or at least notified that it was coming out…but I didn’t.

No biggie…I finally got my hands on the article.  I was so excited to read it, I sat outside the post office.

Partway through the 3rd paragraph, I wanted to throw the thing across the street. 

“Farrar didn’t finish the first Iron Man she tried because she hadn’t trained as hard as she should have.”


I finished my first Ironman dammit.  

Maybe only someone who finishes an Ironman can understand why each one matters so much…and well…I don’t like how it presents me as some goofy girl who didn’t take her first Ironman seriously. 

I trained hard for that race.  I gave up time with my family and friends for that race…that shit matters.

True enough, I didn’t finish Ironman Mont Tremblant last year because I had a really crappy year which drained me of all of my ambition to train.   But that is a different story than what was written.

I am kicking myself for not asking to review it before publication – which crossed my mind but then I thought it was kind of presumptuous of me to want to do that. 

Lesson learned on that one (not sure anyone will ever want to talk to me again after this rant).

I guess what I should say now is that in the big picture, it isn’t a huge deal…I am making a big deal out of nothing, that I need to be a bigger person, and it is just really an honor that I am in there with all of those amazing women…

OK that is all true, but I am still feeling snarky and grumpy about it. 

Actually truth be told – the rest of the article is really very good, there are a few more errors but nothing that is a very big deal.  I appreciate the nice comments about my blog and about my attitude about the future (basically that I am not freaking done yet).

Moving on…and speaking of not training, I have been basically hiking and walking in the woods for my upcoming 50k trail race.  My plan is to start working in a few more runs (I guess that is important on a trail run?) into my schedule and just build my legs up so they can take the beating of a 50k. 

Besides…I can’t be in that horrible of shape – I just did a half Ironman 2 weeks ago.  And I have hiked 3 mountains since then. 

Thanks for reading!

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