Wagging Wednesday – Growing Boy & WINNER

Porter is growing like a weed…

Bernese Mountain Dog

My Dad can barely pick him up now!


AND to his chagrin…he is getting very close to the time…

Getting Tutored

AND NOW for the WINNERS of Porter’s Zuke’s Giveaway…

Zukes Logo

I randomly selected winners from the comments….and the winners are:

Suzanne’s pups Bruno and Stanley and Kevin & Jennie’s Bailey!

Congrats!!! Please get in touch with me and give me your address so I can mail you your treats!! The email me button is on the top right.

About caratunkgirl

Short spunky girl from the tiny town of Caratunk, Maine. Active outdoor girl. I am a forester, whitewater raft guide, Ironman and 5x marathoner with Ultra dreams. Always ready for the next adventure with my dog Kineo by my side.
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15 Responses to Wagging Wednesday – Growing Boy & WINNER

  1. jon says:

    Run for it Porter! Stay away from the “tutorers”! 😉

  2. Jeff says:

    Sorry Porter, you had a good run )-:

    Congrats to Bailey!

  3. Kevin says:

    Poor guy! I’d mail him a bag of frozen peas to sit on but they would probably melt before arriving.

    He doesn’t look too thrilled to being carried around either. He has that sort of look, “Ok, this was cute when I was small, but I’m afraid I am going to get dropped now.”

    Bailey is so exciting!!!!! I send you a picture of his excitement but he is sleeping again. The life of a dog is so hard!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Congratulations to the lucky winners and pups!

  5. Molly says:

    poor doggie. Frank had to wear the Cone of Shame after his, he was a licker….

  6. BDD says:

    LOL!!! Tutored!!! BHAHAHA

    Poor guy

  7. Christi says:

    Wow, Porter is getting big!!!

    Congrats to the winners!

  8. Awwww, poor Porter. He’ll never be the same again!

  9. Heather O says:

    Rigged! J/K, congrats Bailey and Bruno!

    How much does Porter weigh now? He’s huge!

  10. adena says:

    I love waggin’ Wednesdays!! Congrats to the winners. 🙂

  11. Wow..he IS getting big! Love the cartoon about the snip snip!

  12. Patrick says:

    Whats wrong with getting tutored?

  13. Jennie says:

    Porter is growing so quickly! What a cutie!

    Bailey says “thanks” to you and Porter for the treats! He’s a big fan of Zuke’s! 🙂

  14. Janet says:

    Awwwe, Porter is getting so big fast. I keep wishing my pup would just stop growing, but nonetheless our doggies are still our little puppies no matter how big they get!

  15. Alisyn says:

    I love Porter! What a cutie!

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