Yeah…  It has been a long time, huh?

I know.  I haven’t been posting blog entries.  I haven’t been reading your blogs.

Trust me, it isn’t you, it is me. 

The past few months have been really crazily busy for me. 

I started a new job in January (that I completely love), which meant a whole lot of changes, the biggest change being a completely new and different schedule (ie – my schedule is no longer 100% in my control). 

So I have been trying to work it out, figuring out how to get those workouts in before I leave at 6am, which means starting my workouts at 4am (which I hate to admit, has led to me hitting the snooze button more often than not.  4am kind of sucks.)

As a result, I am away from home a lot more, and although I occasionally do take Porter with me to work, I just can’t take him every day anymore.  So when I get home I like to try to get him out for a walk, or a snuggle in his chair.

Porter and John sharing Porter's Chair

Porter and John sharing Porter's Chair

I was also spending a lot of my free time studying for the Maine forester exam I have been procrastinating taking for about 8 years (I passed!) 

This winter was one of the busier ones for company coming up, which is great, I really LOVE having people up…it is just that I can’t really excuse myself to go read or write a blog (when I often am excusing myself to go sit on the trainer for 2+hrs, doing both would be kind of rude).

AND I just got back from a 5 day trip in Baxter State Park (trip report with lots of pictures coming this week). 

Crossing Pogy Pond

Looking back at Katahdin, crossing Pogy Pond

I love that place.  Ok.  Here is another picture (note our ski tracks far right)…

Wassataquoik Stream

Skiing down Wassataquoik Stream

Oh yeah.  And I am trying to train for an Ironman. 

To be honest, I am just mentally getting into it.  With everything going on, it just wasn’t my priority.  That makes training really tough, because an Ironman is a commitment, you have got to put in the time to be successful.   I haven’t been 100% putting in the time up until recently, and it is showing in a lot of ways. 

Mostly in my pants (if I ever catch the little bastard that gets in my closet and shrinks all of my clothes every time I slack on my workouts and eat like crap…)

So I am starting to put in the time, I am starting to get excited about the upcoming season…and I am kind of freaked when I look at the calendar and realize it is only 160 days until Ironman Mont Tremblant!

About caratunkgirl

Short spunky girl from the tiny town of Caratunk, Maine. Active outdoor girl. I am a forester, whitewater raft guide, Ironman and 5x marathoner with Ultra dreams. Always ready for the next adventure with my dog Kineo by my side.
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17 Responses to Breath…

  1. Matt Smith says:

    Nothing like a little pressure to get you motivated to get your off the snooze button and into training. I’d have a hard time too not wanting to sleep! Congrats on passing your test! Way to go! Good luck to you as you try to work everything into your busy schedule!

  2. Kacie says:

    You still have the time girl! When you are ready to really mentally commit, there is NO doubt that you will, and your workouts will show that commitment. It sounds to me like you are ready to take that step! Go get it!

  3. Jeff Irvin says:

    I just got on my bike and hit the pool for the first time on 4+ months on Tuesday. 23 weeks is a long time!

  4. Jill says:

    Agreed, 4am really sucks to get up. But I have faith in you, you are strong and determined and you will get it all in!

    Congrats on passing the exam – yay! 🙂

  5. Kevin says:

    “Mostly in my pants”…wait what?! TWSS??? haha

    So glad that you are back! You’ve been missed.

    Congrats on passing the exam!!!

    It looks like you have been having lots of outdoor fun! Lots of snow in your pictures. Has the weather been milder for you too? Think you’ll be OWS-ing earlier than last year?

  6. Kovas says:

    Nice deep breath and you’llo be right back into it!

  7. 160 days is plenty of time to get ready. You have that base and muscle memory is a wonderful thing. Instead of beating up your body you were enjoying yourself and resting……that means that when you start it will be like a rocket ship for you.

    Keep doing what you do my friend….we will always be here!

  8. Christi says:

    You can do this Mandy! And I am behind you 100%. So if you need motivation, just look me up!

  9. Matt Oravec says:

    I already congratulated you on Facebook for your exam thingy, so don’t even THINK about double dipping here!

    Totally get it. Don’t worry though, I am 20% committed to doing an ironman this summer 🙂 Should be a riot huh? haha.

    We still on for rafting up in Maine?! That is like 90% of the reason I am going… HELLO!

  10. Anne-Marie says:

    I hear you on how there just isn’t enough time for everything! I haven’t had the motivation/time to write a blog post since Dec!

    Congrats on passing the exam; that’s gotta be a huge relief! 🙂

  11. adena says:

    I am just starting to get fired up for it all.. I hear ya. Congrats on passing the exam!! 4am workouts?! oh lord I can’t even get up for 5:30am workouts. I need to work on this.

  12. Coy Martinez says:

    It does take a big commitment for Ironman! I’m doing a 70.3 and can’t wrap my mind around what full training would be like. Don’t worry about blogging tho, we’ll be here when you are 🙂

  13. BDD says:

    Welcome to the season, its been so long since our Northern season has ended

  14. Colleen says:

    Things have been crazy, but every time I talk to you, you seem so happy (so either it’s life is great or talking to me is…). In any event, you have plenty of time! 🙂

    Glad that things are going so well for you Mandy! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

  15. FranP says:

    You will figure out your schedule and you will be pumped about IMMT in no time. 160 days is along time. You are already an Ironman so you are golden!
    Congrats on passing your exam!

  16. julie says:

    Porter is still cute 🙂
    You are still awesome!! Congrats on passing!

  17. Suzanne says:

    Congrats on passing the Forester exam!

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