Wagging Wednesday: Morning Greeter

Porter wanted to make sure I got up at 4am to go to the gym, so he gave me the cold nose treatment.

Wake up!


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Short spunky girl from the tiny town of Caratunk, Maine. Active outdoor girl. I am a forester, whitewater raft guide, Ironman and 5x marathoner with Ultra dreams. Always ready for the next adventure with my dog Kineo by my side.
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7 Responses to Wagging Wednesday: Morning Greeter

  1. Matt Smith says:

    What a pup! 🙂 I saw a dog the other day at the dog park that reminded me of Porter. He wasn’t as handsome, that’s for sure!!! So did you get up and go to the gym at 4am? If you did, you’re the woman!

  2. Tracy says:

    Must be something about pets and 4am. That’s when my son’s cat comes in and starts head butting me and purring in my ear. The bad thing is that I don’t get up to work out; I toss her off the bed until she goes away.

  3. Michael says:

    This totally makes me smile. I love the cold nose and warm paws in the morning 🙂

  4. Coy says:

    Hard not to smile at that face.

  5. adena says:

    Morning Portie!!

  6. He is so adorable! I have a soft spot for Bernese Mountain Dogs (our dog Bernie, who is a Chow Chow/Black Lab is named after Bernese Mountain dogs).

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